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NationCheck is a full service background screening company that offers the lowest price possible right from the start. Using the most accurate information, NationCheck helps clients screen applicants while meeting regulatory standards.

Not your typical FCRA-compliant background screening company, NationCheck is continually adding new sources of information not traditionally provided in background reports. Clients have more relevant and precise information to consider when making a decision.

NationCheck has accumulated over 100 years of experience within background screening and has specialists in regulatory compliance, data protection and consumer privacy. Because our history includes building and making products around terabytes of databases, we know the inconsistency between seemingly similar information and explain them to our clients so they are informed. As active members of numerous industry associations, NationCheck has an extensive understanding of industry needs and trends.

NationCheck protects its customers, their employees and clients.

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NationCheck’s Transparent Pricing Model is working again! Check out our newest pricing. Starting in June 2012 we have once again been able to lower the search costs for some of our most popular searches. See the announcement in our News Section, under Resources.

Referral Program

Current customers, refer a client and get a $25 gift card.

Applicant Tracker

NationCheck offers Applicant tracking system please call 303-217-8747 for more information on this service.

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Transparent Pricing Model NationCheck's Transparent Pricing ModelTM addresses customer needs by creating a simple structure that lowers our customer's costs. We don't add a markup to each search but instead charge a report fee that takes into account our database knowledge and searching expertise. Use our Price Comparison Tool to check NationCheck’s pricing against your current vendor. Whether your company is large or small, comparing and negotiating with background vendors takes time and resources which adds to your total cost.

With us you get the best price from the start!